Learn about and from true hero*ines, world experts and creative geniuses

Edu-action is our signature.

Learning by doing is the crown of education, especially when it’s about the greatest task of all:

‘ Creating a Good World for All ‘

which means changing lives and land, our own and those of others – for real.


Meet Speakers

Book group meetings with amazing coaches and changemakers to get inspired, learn, follow up with action


Take a course, as school student, youth or adult, with certificates and badges 

Self-learning & Family activities

Acquire practical skills, create media, add to YL programs and take action 

Practical components.

Not all, but many of our encounters, sessions and lessons include active preparation or follow-up related to our topic and making real changes that will show up in your life, your school, in town, in YL media, on social and often also on news media. It’s about changing the world, right? So we do like the champs. 

Research, meet up, get out there

Like hero*ines do

FUNdraising, Charity, Plantings

In one word: relevant

Media Production

Write, do art, music for YL Magazine

Fun and Celebration

New skills, magical moments, with old and new friends

Students talk of you in admiration. I have never seen them like this. They already say they wish to get involved

The principal peeked in during the session and decided that all next year’s 8th graders shall do a youth leadership crash course

I was amazed by their story, but meeting these people for real was beyond anything I imagined. I cannot put that feeling into words

I have learned so much, my view of the world has changed. Most remarkable for me is that it’s been a personal life coaching and you don’t even charge for that ‘extra’

Group courses + professional trainings + long-term coaching

We run deep group courses with strong qualification and membership in our global network of high impact changemakers. We also accompany you and your endeavors over months or even years.

Crash Courses for Youth

in class or other

Teacher 'Training

1/2 to 2 day courses or over several weeks

YL Coach Training

Guided local and online trainings with certificate

School Programs

SDG School ChallengeStudent Leader program and more


3 hours ago, I had no clue at all. Now, I feel absolutely confident to run big campaigns

The best week of my life. The teamers are epic, Eric’s a legend

My life is profoundly enriched. My friends are inspired, involved and now our meet-ups have purpose and a touch of magic 

It’s two weeks later, and I’ve met teachers, given presentations in three classes and all of them want me to return and to take action together

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