Our Programs

youth leadership in different parts of the world, hero*ines, survey

global youth views, with gayle

girls and positive change, with gayle

high impact FUNdraising

change generation music

archaic living, mit siarah

exploring the beautiful outdoors, mit carina, siarah, abbie, + cash, robbie, avalon, do it duo, trinity, zander

dimensions of charity, lemonaid warriors, meghana, jen, katie, daniella, neha, alisha, hannah, babar, gabrielle, volunteen nation, sophie

restoring our urban and rural environment, chander, duncan, avalon, elizabeth, ana, alicia, sophie, mackenzie, carter and olivia, nellieĀ 

growing up in rural south africa, mit skhumbuzo

growing up as girl in northwestern india, mit red brigade, bal manch, orange cafe, nidhi, (+ babar)

positive news media + co-create a yl magazine issue

create hero*ine audio stories, video stories, comics

start a pilot region, mit RCE Berlin

sevengardens, sourcing colors from plants, mit Zeynep Karabaczak, mit Anne-Charlotte

Fair Fashion mit Kalima Design und Ayurvastra

Living SDGs in Action

Global SDG School Challenge